A technology incubator located in Nazareth

NGT develops the ability of the Arab society to become a modern economy through investing in science and technology

NGT utilizes the vast capabilities of scientists and researchers coming from the Arab sector

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Dr. Lewis Neville, founder of Lostam Arabic, Russian, English and Hebrew, what a multi-cultural environment, very inspiring indeed.
Boris Shtul, founder of Motus I admit that I enjoy here every minute
Dr. Peter Assaf, founder of Renopharm NGT provide me the support and environment that I need to turn my ideas into a successful business
Dr Amal Ayoub, founder of Metallo Therapy I am looking forward to having my project realized in the friendly atmosphere and with the support of NGT
Dr. Mezeid Falah, founder of GenArrest It is a great opportunity to work in an incubator in which I feel that I belong
Supportive for entrepreneurs

supportive management

Work in a friendly atmosphere

friendly atmosphere

Experienced management


Multicultural environment